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Welcome to VISA Decisions

Make the Right Choice
Easy to use Multi-Criteria software to help you make better decisions.

Easy to Use
The Decision Wizard takes you through each step, making the process simple no matter how many criteria are involved.

Visual and Interactive
Enables all decision makers to see and understand all the issues involved in any decision.


No install required
VISA can be used as an entirely web-based online tool, or as a download to run on your computer.

A History of Success

VISA uses MCDA methodology, backed by decades of research from the top names in decision making research, since 1986

From small 'Yes or No' decisions, to issues with thousands of alternatives, VISA can help, no matter how many decision makers are involved.

VISA offers single user versions for individual or small group decisions and multi-user internet enabled editions for mass participative decisions and opinion gathering.

What is VISA?
VISA software is for decisions with multiple, tough to balance, factors; for decisions where no option matches all of the criteria perfectly; or for decisions where more than one person has a say in how the decision is made. Learn More...
Upgrade VISA
In the new VISA Version 7 you can choose to run the software:
- On your computer
- Online with No download and No installation
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VISA Products
Find out which VISA is right for you.
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